I got $42.11 in Kindle credit from Amazon because of some class-action lawsuit that I don't understand, but hey, free book money! (Or rather, book money I can reuse once!) I also have about $40 left on a gift card I got for Christmas too. For whatever reason, I just haven't been in reading mode lately. I've been rereading a lot (all of Jacqueline Carey's Terre d'Ange trilogies), which I tend to do when I'm in a funk (the neverending winter is responsible for this one).

I'm very excited that I can buy Dreams of Gods and Monsters (the third in Laini Taylor's trilogy) in two weeks and not even have to pay for it! I'm also looking forward the last book in the Grisha trilogy and also another book I won't name because its author always starts a huge argument that I'm tired of having, which are both coming in a few months.

Has anyone read any of the InCryptid series? If so, would you recommend it? I would also happily take any other recs fellow readers of fantasy might have (I will also take other recs, but I really read mostly fantasy, with a very little sci-fi presence in the form of dystopian). I enjoy many types, though I prefer female protagonists. Paranormal romance suggestions are welcome as well. (I've read all of Kresley Cole, most of J.R. Ward, all of Ilona Andrews' books, Elizabeth Hunter's series, and all the Merry Gentry novels, which I prefer to the Anita Blake ones). In somewhat of a defense, I tend to mainline trashy paranormal romance when I'm having a serious problem, which is why I've read so much of it. It helps me to turn off my racing thoughts when exercise and booze just don't cut it. :)

Tell me what to buy! Also, tell me what you will buy with your credit if you got some!