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Did Anyone Else Watch True Detective Last Night?

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It was super super good. Apologies to anyone who might have written something about this last night or this morning as well.


As much as it pains me to say this, Matthew McConaughey's character is amazing. He's played plenty of lawmen/lawyers in the past, and he really took a step outside of himself to pull this off. A minimalist, atheist, pessimist with a tragic past, who is from Texas (thank goodness he's not a crazy, gotta represent us sane Texans somewhere). And he's also really fucking good at his job. Even though he manages to piss off everyone in his office, especially his partner Woody Harrelson (we learn that they have a major falling out at some point), and even the governor of the state of Louisiana where this is set. Though to be fair that part is pretty funny.

"We've started an organization for crimes against Christianity."

"What? Really?"

Woody Harrelson's character is also pretty awesome. He doesn't like his partner, as he says, "You can't choose your parents, or your partner," but works with him because he sees his brilliance. I like the idea of this not being a buddy crime show, but more of a, let's see if we can solve this despite our differences. Harrelson is obviously the expert on navigating social and office conventions, and has to defend McConaughey's character from time to time when they are breached.


Enough of the excellent character! On to the story.

They are investigating the occult murder of a prostitute. I say occult, because she's found tied to a set of antlers against a tree, with trinkets decorating the scene. I don't think that there will be any actual occultist magic in this show, though they have already mentioned Santeria.


We'll see where they go with this, but I'm excited! I also don't typically like crime dramas. The season premiere was really excellent, and I suggest all of you with an HBO subscription get on that.

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