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Did anyone get a chance to read Misty Copeland's book?

So I noticed that xoJane had a little article by Misty Copeland, about her book, and I was wondering if anyone had read it (the book, that is). In the interest of helping out her sales, I pre-ordered it and read it the day it came out. It looks like she's on a bestseller list so that is wonderful!

Overall, I felt like she was extremely diplomatic, sometimes maybe to a fault. On one hand I admire that she wanted to put the most positive spin she could on even the most absolutely craptastic people and situations, because trash talking certainly isn't productive, but sometimes I felt like she would have been perfectly justified to be a little more harsh about some things, re: racism she faced (and probably continues to face at times). I wonder whether she was consciously trying to avoid any "angry black lady" stereotypes and I hope that she didn't feel circumscribed by that.


I also feel like the ending was kind of a non-ending. I suppose this makes sense in that her career is by no means reaching its end, I hope. But it did make me wonder whether this was the best time to write a memoir.

Having said that, I'd recommend this book to any ballet lover, and in general it is quite an uplifting and inspiring story for anyone looking for that sort of thing.

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