Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Did anyone just watch the View?

They were discussing the allegations of rape coming forward against Bill Cosby. And everyone but Rosie O'Donnell, kept saying things like it is "unknowable"... and the "mob" mentality of social media. Rosie was trying to say that 13 allegations of rape was a bit different than other social media mob mentalities like with Paula Deen. But both Rosie Perez, the blonde and Whoppie kept towing the line and gaslighting Rosie O Donnell like she was the one with the problem because she felt Cosby is a rapist.

I am furious. Why is rape the one thing that is "unknowable?" It feels like such a cop-out. Why is it only rape that is treated with allegations and a delicate hand? It blows my mind.


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