Did everyone see Slate's response to Burt's post about the alleged rape victim that was arrested for not making her pre-trial meetings?

The sad, unavoidable truth is that we have to decide what's more important to us: putting abusive men in jail or letting their victims opt out of cooperating with the prosecution as they see fit. Always erring on the side of victim sensitivity means putting some very bad men back out on the streets, where they will likely attack someone else. If that's the price that you feel is worth paying, OK, but it's also understandable that prosecutors might try to do everything within their power to convict a guy who likes tying women to chairs and assaulting them.

No. No. Fuck no. And fuck you. I've previously posted about how impossibly shitty and just fucked up it is that people vilify victims who don't report their rape and ignore the valid reasons they might have. The fact that Amanda Marcotte thinks it's a good thing that someone can be arrested for this is nauseating. So a victim or survivor didn't have a choice in their assault so they can't have a choice in their recovery? Fuck you.


I can always count on Mikki (and honestly, twitter has not been happy about the post at all):