Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I am looking at yesterday’s polls. I probably should not check 538 4 times a day its updated a lot during the day with polls. Trump went up over a point through the day yesterday and 5 points in a week for odds to win. 11 to 16 points.


Trump is ahead in Florida in 2 of the 3 polls. Ipsos polls is scary. Hillary was as high as 10 in NH now its 1. Maine seriously how is Hillary down, oh could it be high white state? Penn, Wisconsin and Michigan all withen error margin a week or so other polls had her above margin or error.


Arizona according to CNN Johnson is getting Hispanic support and in three way race she is down by 7. Georgia once tied is headin Trumps way.

Of course all were done prior to Trump calling Hillary a bigot.

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