I'm worried I have made a huge mistake. I introduced Landlord's Daughter (LD for short) to OKCupid. This is not going to end well, and I fear I might have some blame when/if it goes really, really bad.

First, some background on LD. She's 20, gorgeous (she works as a "model" for Hollister), and a total sweetheart. I've kind of taken her under my wing and tried to be a "big sister" and a good influence on her. Her parents, especially her father, are super-Right Wing conservative assholes. The dad especially is one of the most sexist, misogynistic people I have ever met. LD tends to date overbearing and manipulative men/boys. After her latest string of assholes, she's taken to coming to me for advice. Her "first love" was a LDR that involved him mostly ignoring her and only paying attention when it is convenient for him, like when her parents paid for him to come to Hawaii so they could meet him. She then got over him by getting involved with a guy who has 2 other girlfriends and pretty much used her for sex when it was convenient for him (and guilted her into a blow job any time she wasn't in the mood for sex). So she came over really upset, and we decided to get her on OKC.

I showed her how it works, told her all about negging/PUA and what red flags to look for, how to block/delete users, and proper safety tips for first dates. Always meet in public, let someone know where you are, etc etc. She agreed to text me with all the info she has on a guy (name, screen name, phone number) as well as where they are going before each date, and I would check in with her later in the night to make sure she's okay.

Fast forward 2 days, and she has her first date. Dinner after work. Well, her phone battery died while she was at work, so I had no idea when/where she was meeting this guy. She finally texts me at 1 AM to let me know she made it home safe. I find out last night that she had let him take her back to the barracks on base (which is a snake pit and not a safe place!), where he tried to coerce her into having sex (in front of all his drunk friends) before he gave up and took her back to her car.

So now I'm terrified something bad is going to happen to her, and it'll be partially my fault. What do I do? I tried telling her (without lecturing or nagging!) why that was a bad idea, but she seems to think it's okay because "nothing happened." Not this time, anyway.

What terrible thing have I done? :(