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Did I do a terrible thing?

Okay so, I kind of lost my shit on someone at the post office today. I tried not to, but it just happened!

I was standing in line, waiting to send packages to FreeSampleThief and the others (you should get them next week!!) and an older woman was trying to buy stamps. She wanted to buy over $100 in stamps, and when she handed the cashier her credit card, he asked for her ID, since it was unsigned. If my training in retail counts for anything, you have to show ID if you have an unsigned card. This woman didn't have her ID (of course). And instead of leaving, she decided to start yelling about Obama. According to her, Obama made this law just to fuck her over. Also, all he does is sit on his 'black ass' (I'm NOT repeating the word she actually used) and come up with shit to piss off real American citizens.

Normally, I just let people go. But for some reason, I couldn't today. I just lost it. I asked if she was a fucking idiot and told her that's not how the government works. And that Obama isn't some evil overlord sitting around fucking over the country. That if she had even a modicum of intelligence, she'd know that the ID rule isn't even a government rule, it's a policy from the credit companies. I never lose my cool, but then she called me a stupid black loving bitch (again, not the wording) and I should shut my fucking mouth. After she said that, I'm pretty sure I told her to have a lovely holiday and I hope she gets hit by a bus. My mind is a little fuzzy on that as I was incredibly angry at this point. She proceeded to flip me off and stomp out, leaving me to be stared at while I paid for my labels.


I'm not sure if I should be proud of myself or embarrassed for this. I'm a rather quiet, mouse-y person in real life, so this was very very out of character for me. It feels kind of good, but yet, I'm pretty sure I'm not any better then her for doing this in public.

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