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Did I do the right thing?

So I started a job as a banker/teller a month ago at a supppper small bank. There were no locks on the drawer/cams on the drawer which was a red flag, but there are only a few girls so I thought I could trust it. Well, in the morning I do my accounting work stuff, and somehow $50, $100, and then $400 went missing in the matter of two weeks. I watched back my videos and checked my transactions and everything was flawless (I've been doing this crap since I was in high school/college). I went in Tuesday and handed in my keys because I felt like I was being set up or something was just wrong. I left no notice. I feel like shit doing such a thing, but something is off, right? I understand I can't put it on my resume.. but I'm now jobless and it makes me look like I've been unemployed longer than I really have been. Ugh.


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