Here's a picture. Don't scroll further if you wanna avoid spoilers and/or crying (by me).

My poor babies!

Welp. Easily the best episode so far in what (up until this point) has been a 'meh' season, IMO. We all saw this coming for Ian, but Cameron Monaghan played it beautifully and Noel Fisher was fucking heartbreaking. I was so scared for Ian and Yev when they were on their jaunt; the little details- leaving the baby on the hood of the car while looking for a diaper, throwing him too high in the air. I was so glad when the cops came but felt for Ian screaming about "his baby." Meanwhile, Mickey's hating himself for not listening to Lip and Fiona in the first place and trying to keep Svetlana from calling the cops (OMG, poor Svetlana! I would have been out for some Orange Boy blood- she must actually care about Ian and Mickey or else is just scared of the police).

The last 10 or so minutes of the episode, getting Ian from the station and at the hospital, was some of the best acting we've seen in a minute. I cried when Mickey asked if he could go in with Ian. GAH, I'M SAD BUT ALSO SO GLAD IAN'S FINALLY GETTING SOME HELP!!!!

In other news:

nooooooooooooooo! Kev and Vee!

What the fuck, Fiona?! Seriously, Jimmy-Steve? Again? You need a class on better decision making. Gus has a kick-ass beard and doesn't act like a child! Though, there was some pretty great juxtaposition between how much Jimmy knew about the Gallagher's (even though he'd been gone for a long time) and how little Gus knows or is involved in Fiona's real life at all. It's kind of like when you have two groups of friends and act differently with one than the other and so you dread the two groups ever mixing.


I'm so fucking done with Sammi. Like, so SO done. I strongly dislike her voice and her in general. I'm ready for them to find out she really isn't Frank's daughter.

Frank. Just Frank, man. Get it together.