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Did I somehow get myself into a relationship?

If so, I need to figure out how to get myself out!

Around Christmas last year, I tried the OKC thing again and I responded to messages from two people. I decided I liked one of them more than the other, so I went out with him a few times. Ultimately, it wasn't a love match, but whatever! So I figured I'd give the other guy a chance and see if there might be anything there.

We went out on a quick "make sure he's not a serial killer/get to know you" thing (it was an order food from a counter place, so I was able to pay for myself). It was alright, I was a bit nervous anyways, so I didn't really care too much. I agreed to a second date. It took forever to do it because my schedule is pretty crazy, but we went out again.


I was so BORED! He talked about things I have no interest in (like his cars) for the entire time. Every time I would try to change the subject he'd put it back to the boring things. I hardly got a word in. I couldn't get out of there fast enough.

Cut to a month ago. I was reeling over this (my ex-best friend dating my ex-boyfriend, and me finding out months after they had started, on Facebook). As a result, I was feeling a bit wounded and figured I'd give him another chance when he kept asking when we could go out again. So we went out and it was just as bad as the second date. Still talking about the boring things and not letting me talk. I paid for our meal with the intention that I would feel better and less obligated to say yes to another date since we were "even" (we both paid first date, he paid second, I paid third).

He continued to text me and I just kind of blew him off. But unfortunately one weekend when I went out with my best friend and had a little bit too much wine and felt a little too sorry for myself, he texted me and asked me for another get together. I agreed, like an idiot. So this past weekend, he came over and ordered pizza and watched a couple episodes of a TV show that I've wanted to watch and he had already seen but didn't mind watching again. I kinda couldn't wait to get him out of there so I pretended to be sleepy, kicked him out, and then proceeded to stay up another two hours watching more episodes while making out with my glass of wine. Speaking of making out? Yeah, four dates and I've not let him kiss me, not that he's really tried beyond standing really close to me while I look down at my feet and attempt to not make eye contact.


So this morning I get a text from him jokingly asking me if I've finished the show yet. I said I watched a few more episodes. His response was "I'll have to catch up so that the next time you have me over I'll be in the same place!" Uh... so... am I in a relationship now? I feel absolutely zero chemistry with the guy. How does he not realize? I mean, I'm incredibly easy to read and there's no way he can't know that I'm not interested, right? I rarely text him back (and I have read receipts on, so he knows I've seen it). I really don't want to be mean, but I can't keep going out with him and wishing I was spending the time doing anything else.

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