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I am sure oldsters remember her. She was this incredible versatile actress and singer and songwriter. She was in Roots Next Generation, starred in Fame and won awards for her song Fame and for her acting performance. She also cowrote and sang Flashdance Oh What A Feeling.

She had an incredble promise yet post Flashdance it never materialized. Neither her acting career nor singing career ever came close to what it was if anything she vanished.


I never undersrood why. Anyone know?


She has such a great voice singing Fame. Those dancers were horrible the guy in red you cannot take your eyes off him. It looks like he never attended a rehearsel. She did hit him at the 4:06 mark, accident of course or was it?

The song Flashdance. Great voice.

https://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/Irene_Cara.Also her wiki page.

Anyone else besides me wonder why her career just well collapsed? Usually career collapses due to drugs, alcohol or crime. This had none of those.


Oh if you never watched Fame original version see it. Also I saw Fame performed on stage if you are involved in a young folks acting company this is an excellent choice.

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