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Did Jesus Christ Superstar really change how Judas is perceived?

Spoiler for DC comic saga Forever Evil





I love this musical. Judas comes across as far more tragic figure then a villain. Yes he betrayed Jesus but didn't intend for it to get so out of hand. I am reading DC comic saga Forever Evil (published the last year) and a character who has been around since the early 1970s Phantom Stranger is revealed to be Judas. Its not even a secret, its like everyone knew but no one including Constantine blurts out "Hey Judas" but still calls him Phantom Stranger. PS is almost identical to the Judas from JCS, a man who deeply regrets what he did to the "lamb", he never says Jesus always the lamb. There is also a sense especially from Pandora (the Pandora of history) that maybe he was fated to have done this. Thoughts?


So did JCS change how we perceive Judas? Has he gone from villain to tragic figure? I believe Dante had Judas in the last circle of Hell. JCS seemed to imply Judas would be in limbo, FE has him walking the Earth. Although Judas walking the Earth forever I seemed to have recalled it in another book.

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