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The annoying vet in the last episode said humanity is a 2.2 of a threat level only technology and intelligence makes us such a threat.


These animals seem to have incredible intelligence and targetting technology. I noticed there were times they do not kill nonthreats. The adopted boy nor mother were lead to be killed. The reporter in last episode lived. Nor did the wolves attack the woman whose husband was killed by the escapee. Yes the bats let the two women die of freezing but they already proved dangerous to the bats by burning them.

The little girl is bonded with the dog. The mother and stepdad saved the dogs life. I am positive the resolution of the show will be “treat animals with kindness you will receive it in return, pose a threat you are done”.


Am I wrong? Yes book is so completely different and for a rarity series is better then the book. Why do I have a feeling Patterson Inc. will create new Zoo books based on the tv series.

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