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Did Nikki Haley Just Bring Us To Brink of Korean War Part 2?

What does she mean “but with our actions”. There are 28k sacrificial lambs I mean American Soldiers at the border. NK has up to 15k missiles and a ground army approaching 2 million, one of the largest in the world. There is a poem I recall my teacher read to us in junior high. It was about soldiers in late 1800s(?) heading in a battle they were quickly overrun and all virtually slaughtered.

“But with our actions” is a strong statement especially said about a person (Kim) who may just be salivating to restart the Korean War. If you say “but with our actions” is something you cannot really back down from without seeming weak.

Those 28k are 2017s version. They are probably fantastic soldiers but logistics of this is their total enemy.


My late grandmother said “if you are going to do something half assed do not do it, it will just make it worse”. Poor prep, poor research, poor advisors will lead you into war Trump has this in spades.

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