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Did NuKinja happen? Have I been left behind? [TIME TRAVEL]

[Edit: I DON'T KNOW WHY THIS POST FINALLY SHOWED UP. I wrote it months ago, but then Kinja refused let me post anything until I manually switched to NuKinja, at which point it just sat in my drafts folder gathering dust, not being published. Was there a timestamp issue? Is that what happened? I DON'T UNDERSTAND THIS WHAT IS LIFE.]

So everyone's over here talking about the new Kinja, how it's screwing everything up, but... I don't see it?


I mean, I see it on Observation Deck, the Powder Room, and Clash Talk, but Cross Talk and Groupthink (ie. the only two sites I'm not in the greys) are still in old Kinja. Plus the message telling me to try the new format is gone, too. Is this because I tried the new format for a few seconds a few weeks ago before going "lol nope" and doing the tiger=off thing? But that's not in my url? But when I try to add a link or picture, that seems to be formatted in the new Kinja style? WHAT IS HAPPENING I AM SO CONFUSED.


[Update] Also my personal page is in new Kinja. Nothing makes sense anymore. I give up.

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