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Welcome To The Bitchery
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Did some research on Lolita and Lolita Fashion

I had some great comments about my post about the Nintendo Game and learned a lot. Anyways I asked myself something doesn't come from nothing. Its too great a coincidence that Lolita Fashion use of the name just was invented with no knowledge of the novel. So I researched. I found this article that explains a lot, she mentions a Russell Trainer who wrote Lolita Complex as the source. Well I researched Trainer and guess what his title was a reference to the novel Lolita.

One poster wanted me to do a "oops" post. Nope, not gonna happen. This entire thing is leaving me totally uneasy. I understand Lolita fashion name has evolved from the Trainer book still the original tree was the infamous novel. article I don't agree with the writer's assessment of the novel Lolita though. Her history of the term from the Trainer book to the present seems to be good.


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