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Did someone just spray me with pheromones?

Specifically white-jazz player pheromones? It was crazy last night!

There was a line, a swarm, a gaggle! One part of me was amused, one part was bemused, one part was contemplating how to spin this attention into platonic friendships and avoid slut-shaming, and the cynical part of me was thinking "their skinny-asses just want some street cred."


To be clear, it's not that I think any of them are bad people, it's just that I don't date current business associates, artists, or people who do a lot of drugs. These dudes were all three. I've hung out with several of them before, and I don't plan on doing it again: they're very lovely guys by the beginning of the evening, but by the end they become assholes who I feel responsible for taking care of so they don't choke on their own vomit. I ended up getting into a fight with this one guy about not hollering at women on the street (like, seriously, he was shouting), complete with a run-down on Schroedinger's rapist and rape culture. Never get into an argument like that with a wasted person, or you'll end up wanting to punch them and pull out your own hair. He kept saying "Come on, you know I'm a nice guy. I just get obnoxious when I'm drunk." WELL DON'T GET DRUNK THEN, JERKOFF!*

On another note, I just joined fetlife, and so far people have been extremely courteous and welcoming towards me. I even got cover waved to go to some events in a few weeks. Hopefully I will spend those evenings doing more of this:

and less of this:


*That particular part pissed me off because that was eerily similar to the excuse my rapist gave when I told him I didn't want to hang out with him anymore. My ex is also obnoxious when he's wasted, and you know what happened when I called him out on it? He apologized and cut down on drinking.

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