I was just met with some of the most blatant old school sexism that I have seen in a very long time. At work.

I was at lunch with friends from my group, and a guy I only know somewhat peripherally from another group. I am specifying this so you know that I have had limited interactions with this guy in the past, and we are not on a familiar basis.

I was describing some foundation work that bearddamnheroes and I did over the weekend. Guy says, "Well, did YOU do the work, or did your HUSBAND do the work?" I was taken aback, and said rather firmly, "WE both did the work, together." You would think Guy would have now realized he has offended me, but he decides to follow up with, "Oh, I said that because my wife doesn't help when I do work on the house. She contributes by making me a sandwich."

My jaw dropped. Seriously, dude? He was NOT kidding. He honestly, unironically, used "make me a sandwich".

What do you even say to that? I was so surprised. I just gave him a pissed off look and proceeded to ignore him completely.