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Did the First Lady of Japan pretend not to understand English to avoid speaking to Trump...

Probably not. But this makes me laugh all the same: Trump tells us enjoyed his dinner during the G20 sitting beside a “lovely woman” who sadly didn’t speak English (“Like, not even ‘hello” Trump tells us.) Except she does, and he’s met her before.


The first lady of Japan, Akie Abe, has spoken English in public, fluently, quite a few times. I’m pretty sure she read children’s books at an elementary school visit with Michelle Obama. You can find videos of her and Melania chatting away during her and her husband’s trip to Mar-a-Lago.

I know, I’m part of the problem with this stuff as a news consumer. There is so much more important things going on! But I’m a sucker for this sort of thing! Truth is, I doubt the First Lady was really deliberately snubbing him. More likely, he ignored her, and she knew there was no pleasant conversation to be had.

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