I work in a call center. People are riled up this week. I mean, there’s always some frustrating calls and weird people, but this week has been a crescendo of what-the-fuckery.

Today, in addition to the usual level of oddballs and crabby people, I had:

2 people that did call for anything related to my company but still screamed at me when I was not the person they wanted to talk to

3 people that had already talked to one of my coworkers, but called back because the response wasn’t what they wanted (my coworkers are intelligent, competent people, so the answer did not change for these people)

2 people demanding to speak to the CEO over a mistake of less than a 2 dollar value, even after I offered them a $10 compensation

1 person arguing with me for 15 minutes about posted pricing in our businesses

4 people that wanted me to swap out a promotion that CLEARLY STATES is online-only, just because they don’t want to do it and they DESERVE that promotion


6 people who yelled about me when that same promotion did not work when they knowingly and specifically did not follow the instructions on how to use it

1 dude that is very passionate about bromine and how it’s causing all the cancers (because it prevents iodine absorption, or something) and felt that I needed to know all about it

And, the icing on my shit-sundae day, was the man that was yelling at me about our “narc” managers and staff and how he didn’t like it when the district manager who he just talked to told him that he did not need to patronize our businesses, and that we better fucking wait because he was going to (a) sue us, (b) ruin us on the internet, and (c) get the NSA to go after us


Needless to say, Fridays are usually either cake or alcohol nights. Tonight it’s both!