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Did Trump Bring Utter Shame To The US Today With Merkel?

If I treated a host guest like Trump treated Merkel I would rightfully be in big trouble. We all would.

He never shook her hand. Ignorant.

Merkel met him more then halfway with getting their mikitary gdp up to 2 percent in 2024. He dismissed it.


The news conference. Oh god. He needs to shut up about the false story of wiretapping. It is now an international incident. What did he do? He joked how he and Merkel have something in common. His idiotic belief Obama through London wired Trump tower. Ivanka, her hubby and Bannon laughed. Yeah real funny. Joking at the expense of his house guest.

I am not a fan of Merkel I thought she was too harsh on Greece. Still any Germans want to do a President Swap instead of swapping students we can swap presidents for 3 years 9 months.

I never thought this would happen but Merkel proved she is the rightful leader of the free world and democracy. Trump surrendered the title today to her due to his behavior and mindless conspiracy beliefs.

I hope in January 2021 with President Clinton (let me have my fantasy) Merkel and rest of EU will say let’s restart relationships and consider last four years an aberattion.

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