I had to stop listening I felt I was understanding what a Klan rally must be like.

1) He mentioned undocumented who are a drain on society resources. I am positive he was talking about undocumented children in public schools. Some on the right want these children pulled out of schools.

2) The Dreamers. Ok big, huge mistake on his part. Even most republicans tend not to attack them. Even the first Executive Order which dealt with the Dreamers republicans complained but tended not to get overly complainy. Not like they did with the second executive order.

The first most will find just petty and attacking children is a huge no no.

The second. Dreamers are motivated, good at social media more importantly most polls the majority seem to be fine with undocumentated who have been here since young children to stay. As long as they have not committed felonies.


I think his day went badly. He lied at the press conference and his speech he sounded vile and extremely racist. Going after young children and dreamers is something that will turn off independents and moderate republicans.

I gave up listening but did he bring up repealing the 14th Amendment or modifying it? I figure he is so far into going after young children and dreamers this is jusst one more step for him.