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Did Trump Pick For DoD A Real Lt. Col. Kilgore?

OMG I am reading these quotes by former General Mattis and all I can think of is this guy. Lt Col Kilgore.

Oh God. No wonder he is called Mad Dog.


I hope Senator Gillibrand can stop the.waiver from.going through. Sadly Rep Pelosi, according to Lawrence O’Donnell just praised him. He has not been out of the service long enough so call your Senator and say we need civilian control over DoD not someone just out of the military.

Sadly though according to even some democrats they describe him as an adult and qualified.

This waiver needs to be filibustered even if its just a signal to Trump by Senate Democrats that they mean business and will not carry his water jug.

I despise war movies but did see this movie when it was released. Prior to the movie our jr high school teacher had us read Heart of Darkness by Joseph Conrad.


See the movie and read the novella. The novella was written well prior to Vietnam War. I enjoyed the movie. Seen it a few times, its more a journey that’s weird and surreal. Its a war film but seems tangent.

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