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I understood for the first 25 minutes their point about the baker who did not want to create a cake with MAGA written on it. Karen wanted that cake for Trump. Grace gave the defense that you must defend all free speech on a cake.


Ok then in last segment a person came in who ordered a cake with the Nazi symbol.

To me I got what they were trying to do. I know this was to attack the Colorado bakery who would not sell a cake for a same sex couple. I know they argued if you refuse to sell MAGA cake then the baker who refused a same sex couple a cake now has an argument.


The including of the Nazi cake they muddled it. I was not sure if the argument was you have to make a Nazi cake or your argument against the Colorado baker is weakened or if the argument really was the baker should chose.

Anyone see the episode tonight? Anyone else think storyline was muddled.

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