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Welcome To The Bitchery

Did you engage in any political art-making as a youth? Do you now? ...Tell me all about it!

Stassa Edwards shared this story about the Guerrilla Girls turning 30 to the Jez MP, and I remembered that we invited them to perform/speak at my college when I was in my first year. I volunteered to do the lights and sound for their show. And they introduced me (and other volunteers) to the crowd before they started, but we had to pick pseudonyms for ourselves, even though we didn’t have masks on, and they only use female artists’ names, so I went with Virginia Woolf. Which seems a little cliché, but hey! I was a wee frosh.

And now I feel a teeny little warm glow of having done something as a young person in support of such an incredibly cool, artsy, political feminist group. I know it sounds a little loser-ly, but I’m really not an artsy person at all in my own life, which is probably why I feel this way. This is not to say I don’t engage with feminism or political action anymore. I do, but mostly by giving money. (Also just by being me and doing what I want, I guess, if you take choice feminism to its logical conclusion, but that seems a little weaksauce.)


So, I wanted to ask you (instead of crossposting the story from Jez):

(a) if you had done something similar in your youth (not necessarily in college) that you now remember with pride


(b) if you’re still engaging with feminism/other -isms through the arts now, and how

Happy Saturday!

* Edited for minor rephrasing.

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