There were a few commenters (not GTers or regulars of any kind) who were like 'crotch—whuuuuu' but I thought they were just being pervy and gross.

But nope, I wrote crotcheter. Not just once.

The thing is, it kept showing up as wrong in my Google chrome thingie and I was like 'SHUT UP GOOGLE YOU ARE BIASED AGAINST YARN ARTS.'

At first I was like 'why didn't you guisse tell me' because this place has the craziest grammar/spelling warriors ever in the history of time. Seriously. There is a discussion in a thread right now on the mainpage where I swear this one lady might set herself on fire if she sees one more person use the word 'pique' in the wrong way. I think there are people willing to carve out their own organs and eat them to show their dedication to the Oxford comma.

But 'crotcheter' y'all let slide. CROTCHeter.


See, I was ready to be all mad and shit and then I realized that most of you probably think it's a miracle I can even stumble to a computer keyboard and type my own name without passing out in a hallucinogenic fit of paranoia, Xanax and Vodka.


I once asked Ubertrout to proofread something I wrote, as a favor. He tried but quickly descended into a state of Sam-Neill-in-In-The-Mouth-of-Madness type delusional semi-coma, skipping between varying states of reality, fueled by each progressively worse and worse typo. They had to pry him off the roof of a Chili's in Pittsburgh. Scary shit, man.

So obviously now I think we should just make it a thing. Like a 'crotcheter' would be a crabby person who is also a brilliant yarn artist. You wear it as a sign of pride. 'Yeah, man. I hate these damn kids on my lawn. Here's a beautiful scarf I just made. You know me, just a tried and true crotcheter.'


Also, Chritter, I would like to submit 'Groupthink: Just A Bunch of Old Crotcheters' as the new tag/name/thingie for Groupthink for awhile, if that's cool with you.