Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

Did you guys know that smoking is bad for you?

I was stuck in traffic on the way home today, music a blastin', when the guy in the car to my left rolled down his passenger side window and started shouting something over & over at me.

At first I ignored him but he WOULD NOT STFU, then I realized he was shouting, "PUT THAT OUT. SPIT IT OUT RIGHT NOW. SMOKING IS BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH. IT'S BAD FOR YOUR HEALTH SPIT THAT OUT NOW." I went from mildly irritated to excuse me, motherfucker HELL NO in about 2 seconds. My first (INSANE) impulse was to flick my cigarette through his open window but I'm glad I didn't because 1) that's a super dick move, even for me, & 2) there was a little kid slouched in the passenger seat.


I mean, I know it's bad for me. I know people hate it. This is not new information. I am also a very conscientious smoker: I don't litter, I don't smoke indoors, I isolate myself from anyone when I smoke. Also, it's a fucking addiction, you rude ass motherfucker! I am not going out of my way to give you a fucking reason to scream self-righteous indignation at me from your car, TRUST ME.

So I gave him a dirty look, finished my smoke and turned up my music.

Son of a beezy, though. Goddamn.

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