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Did You Hear the One About the Ex Boyfriend and the Tacos?

If you're not familiar with the meme, this is "Good Guy Greg," and he's used to provide examples of times when men (there's a female equivalent, fwiw) do unexpectedly nice things without expecting anything in return.

The caption for this photo was "My ex-boyfriend, everyone, who's admitted to still having feelings for me."


If you imagine that Reddit went fucking nuts, calling this girl a teasing whore who's Friendzoning her poor ex, why you'd be quite right.

The Fedoration was ON IT. The thread has since been locked, but Reddit has been mildly ablaze with this story for the past few days.

Let me just say: if staying friends with an ex — who wants to invite you over for dinner, and then (shock of shocks) actually makes you dinner, respects your wishes and doesn't try to get back together with you — makes you an asshole and makes him a tragic victim... I don't know how humans are supposed to behave.

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