I just want to take time out of today to send an appreciation to all the teachers that we have on groupthink. Your dedication to your students is impressive and I want to let you know that I personally appreciate everything that you do, from keeping a gradebook, dealing with jerk kids, grading papers, waking up extra-early every day, and working into the night, your work is endless but it is heroic. Not just anyone can teach, and if you have chosen it as your profession, it means that you are a very special individual.I know that you are inspiring students EVERY day to become good people and life long learners.

The first book set I ever owned was a gift from my first grade teacher, I still own James' Marshall's fox and friends. I think it sparked my sarcasm. I had only been in the U.S for about 2 years and was reading fluently in English. Ms. Staples realized I had a limited number of books at home, and for my birthday she pulled me aside and gave me this set saying, "never stop reading, it will transport you to every world you wish to see." Yah—corny. But those words imprinted in my brain for a life time. I read constantly, if I wasn't outside playing with friends, by face was in a book.

My entire experience in Elementary school was colored by teacher's like Ms. Staples, she was the first to see in me what my parent's always said to me, I was SMART and I was giving. I carried the inspiration my teacher's gave me through every stage of my academic life. Even in the shitty school system I attended, I could always find one teacher to learn something new from, one teacher who believed in me, one teacher to make me a better writer. My teachers created a woman who is passionate about equality, justice and education—and I will be thankful to them forever.

So on shitty days remember, you have a bayareachick in your classroom and she will remember you are an amazing human being, even when she is 33 years old. Thank you guys so much!!!


EDITED: because I realized my Fox books cover never came up and when trying to fix it, I deleted the first part of my post :(( sentiment is the same though.