Well... DID YOU???

It's not widely know that North Korea is better than all the other Koreas. Sure, the capitalist pigs would lead you to believe otherwise, but it is a VILE AND ODIOUS LIE. Let's discuss why. I have compiled a detailed list of the reasons. In no particular order:

10: Kanye and Kim Jong Kardashian's baby is named North, and Kanye is a genius.

9-1: Same exact reason. What, you don't agree? FUCK. YOU. Kanye is a genius and the voice of Star Trek: The Next Generation, and he's going to Make It Sew so Kim has some weird ugly-ass shit to wear and deboner the fuck out of society.

Now if you'll excuse me, I need to be vewwwwy quiet: I'm hunting capitawists. HUHUHUHUHUHUHUHUHU