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"Did You Look Under The Bed?"

"Oh my gosh, no! I didn't think to look there! Thanks so much, genius Finder of Lost Things!" said NO ONE EVER.

Aside from The Last Place I Thought I Had It, Under The Bed is the second place I look for things. Why do people ask that question? Of course I've looked under the bed. That's the place you look when you lose things in your bedroom. And if you lose things in the living room, you look under/behind the sofa and between the couch cushions.

ETA: I found my little wallet thing with all my cards in it. My mom had it in her purse. She picked it up thinking it was hers. And she asked me if I'd looked under the bed.


SECOND EDIT: I got the embed video to work! I think I'm becoming a computer genius!

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