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Did you miss me? - Redux

**How can we miss you, if you don't go away**
Golden Goddess is doing well (or as well as can be expected) - I ransomed her from the vets for much geld. I have some medication I have to convince her to drink. She still lists to the right, has to climb up on anything (she does not have the balance to jump) and she still sometimes just falls over. It is so sad to see her like this. — Going back to work is going to cause me to have to make some serious decisions about the use of time. So while I am thinking this through, I might put together some of my musical history.

**end edit**

I just got home from my epic journey to Montana to see mom then a drive south to see sister in Wyoming. I decided to leave my computer at mom's so I could spend more quality time with sister and BIL; it was nerve-wracking but worth it. They are wonderful people and have a really cool dog (team cat here). BIL is retired, rebuilds old airplanes (is currently rebuilding a Piper Cub from the early 40s - the model that my father and uncle died in back before I was born, it is pretty cool to see one that is just a frame and feels kind of weird). He is on the board of directors at a local bank, occasionally flies off to handle 'going out of business' processes for people who, for one reason or another, just want out. He told my mom that he want to have more money to invest than she has; he gave me a couple of ideas where I might put some of my money (the little I have in my 'playpen' IRA).


My sister is a counselor and will retire shortly now that she is 62; I am trying to convince her not to start taking her SS yet - to wait until she is 69 so she will get the most out of it. Her husband retired at 62, took his SS and invested it, getting a better return than the 12% he would have earned if he had waited until age 69. I wish they did not live in bumfuck Wyoming so I could see them more often; rumor has it that they might buy mom's condo in Montana when she moves into the assisted living facility (she has very specific requirements on what her apartment there should be like and has passed on a couple already - mostly she wants a 2nd floor or higher 2 bdrm with a deck). BIL is buying it as an investment since he is betting either being able to lease it for a profit and/or sell for a nice profit. My sister refuses to live in a big city (Bozeman has a population of about 38,000 - too big for her). They are thinking of moving to Walla Walla (a place so nice they named it twice) where there are about 20 wineries - that would be really cool since it is right over the mountains from Seattle.

Anyway, I am avoiding listening to my messages because I am worried about my cat, Golden Goddess. But I digress - Happy New Year!

**edit** I just listened to my messages, no call from the vet so "yay!" 2 messages telling me that the President has a mandatory recall of all seasonal employees so "yay#2", one message from my cousin who can't seem to contact me (my email has changed and I don't call people on the phone) - I will call her I suppose, and a call telling me that the Federal Unemployment emergency funds stop on the 28th - not something that affects me since I collect unemployment because I am an unemployed Federal employee. Next I will check my snail mail.

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