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Different point of view?

On the vegan/vegetarian deal.

As some of ya know, Suh dude is a vegetarian. He has been for 10 years. I did not find out he was a vegetarian until about 4 weeks into steadily dating him. He makes a point to not tell people until someone else brings it up. Like "why do you never order a burger?" then he says it. He was worried i was going to break up with him when he told me!


I had a roommate who was vegan, he was a wonderful person. I had meat in the apartment, i ate meat around him. He never boasted about being a vegan. He never gave me a hard time about my carnivorous ways.

I've had many, many friends in my life who are vegetarian/vegan and never once did anyone try to convert me or make me feel bad for eating meat right in front of them. No one ever bragged about their diet.


So when you guys post stuff about how vegans and vegetarians are assholes, i really don't get it. I see stuff online making fun of vegans and i'm just honestly not understanding it. Maybe it's the area that i live in? I mean i live in a major city that everyone has heard of, but it's still pretty small and dated compared to most cities. Even online though, i'd say probably 1/3 of my Facebook friends are either vegan or vegetarian and i never see them bragging or being dicks about it. So where is this actually coming from? A few vegan/veg people ruining it for everyone who is? It seems like now people immediately judge someone who has a meat-free diet, how is that fair?

More and more vegans and vegetarians are hiding their diets just because of this kind of thing, and i think that it's ridiculous.


I still eat meat, about once a week. It's too expensive (yes even hotdogs, even ground beef) (i don't know how to cook anything). The only time i eat meat is in a pepperoni pizza hotpocket or taco bell crunchwrap supreme. If i had a million dollars i'd be eating all whole foods pre-made salads and vegan general tso's (omg so good)(thank you to the person that sent us the Whole Foods giftcard!!!). I can't cook, i am seriously cooking impaired. I have zero talent, i burn everything i touch. My fibromyalgia makes it difficult to stand over a pan stirring for 20 minutes, i can't do that. I do hope to get to the point where i can stop eating meat altogether, i feel like i'm getting there slowly but surely. I can eat gas station beef jerkey and Suh dude will still kiss me. But i don't want him to have to, especially when he looks at eating animals how other people look at eating humans, it grosses him out pretty bad. The whole blood/veins/bones thing makes him sick, and i totally understand that. One time he saw me bleeding from a cut and he passed out cold.

It's very early and i haven't slept yet! You guys are probably just waking up. Sorry if this is rambling and stupid. I came on here late to the meat-free topic and i was curious about all the hate towards that diet, because i have not seen that side of people. To me it feels like a straw-man type deal, i have never met someone who was an asshole about it. I do wonder if it is different because of where i live? I'm so not sure, but if you're a crazy asshole vegan or vegetarian i want to meat you- lol i just wrote meat instead of meet and i'm totally keeping that typo!

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