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Hello darlings! I have a slightly difficult task to do today. It doesn’t sound difficult at first, but it is deceptively challenging. I have to do a written response to the reading material for the first week of my online college class, and the question I have to answer is big and broad, and I can’t use more than 200 words! It’s not enough! I mean, it’s probably enough if you are reeeeeeally good at brief, elegant, tight writing, but mehhhhh I feel like it’s hard to say so much in such a small amount of room. For context, want to hear what my question is? (And no, I’m not asking for ideas or help answering it, that’s called cheating—I am just asking for sympathy!)

“What is ideology, and how does it relate to sex, gender, and culture?” UH, YEAH OKAY. I CAN TOTALLY ANSWER THAT IS 200 WORDS. :/ The authors we had to read used at least 30 pages each—and we have to briefly summarize all three of them and respond critically in like half a page?!?! D:

What difficult tasks do you have to do, groupthinkers? Any you have recently accomplished and feel proud of? I recently called my cable company and had the bill lowered, AND did some maintenance to my a/c units, so I feel like I am doing all right these days.


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