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Welcome To The Bitchery

Digital interviews. Anyone? Anyone?

So, I finally have interviews (if I want them) with a couple places, one retail, one telemarketing, and one that's either telecommuting, fieldwork or both. The retail would be easy and the interview will be in person. The telemarketing would be the most annoying and it has a phone interview. The one in telecommuting/fieldwork one is the second "favorite" and it has a digital interview.


Do any my internet strangerfriends have experience with this? I can apparently use either a computer or smartphone. Computer would be easier in some ways, but I need to go get a headset and mic. Smartphone has some pitfalls - the interview is recorded and then uploaded and the uploads take a while (one review said it took 8 hours, but that was the only complaint about that) and incoming notifications can interrupt the process and screw things up. There's also the question of what becomes of the interview footage, but that doesn't concern me TOO much.


The company itself is legit and the software is apparently cutting-edge, so I don't think it's a scam. It just feels weird.


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