Background: 1 year ago I was let go from a job in in the small town I'd grown up and still lived with my mom in. I took this as a sign that I needed to finally move out of said small town. I decided I'd move to the city I'd always wanted to live in. Two of my half siblings lived there, and I've always wanted to spend more time with them. I didn't quite know how I was going to get there, but I decided that within a year I'd be there. Lo and behold, later that week a job in that city fell into my lap, and within a month and a half I had moved across the country. I didn't know A TON about the job I had just taken but I'm so glad I took it, because it is AMAZING. Every day I feel good about where I work and every day I leave feeling like I've accomplished something good. I love the work, and I love their mission, and I love my co-workers. They are some of the most thoughtful, caring, and nice people I've ever met.

Dilemma: A few weeks ago, my half-brother's mother's cousin (no joke) told me about a job opening in her mom's company. The job pays twice as much as my current job, but otherwise sounds meh. I would be working as an executive assistant for the CEOs of a national company. She said I was just the type of person they were looking for (I've worked as an assistant of some sort for my entire working life), and that the salary was double what I currently make, and that she'd pass on my information to her mom. At first, this sounded awesome. But I quickly came to realize how much I loved my job, and my work, and how good it makes me feel. Soon, knowing that her mom might call me for an interview started to make me feel sick. I would have to choose between a job I love and a huge (to me) amount of money. With this money I could finally go to school without a ton of debt, and not worry about paying my bills, and not have to choose between getting a cough checked out and eating ramen for a week. But again, MY JOB. The job I love. The job that makes me feel good about myself, because I do amazing work.

My anxiety faded away as the weeks went by and I didn't hear from my half-brother's mother's cousin's mom. Until now. When she just called me wanting to talk. I would do an interview, but what if she actually offers it to me? What do I do?

Have any of you ever had to make a choice like this? What did you do?

Love or money?