This thoroughly rage-inducing and disheartening (though almost certainly not shocking to anyone who has been paying attention) post (a few months old, but I just stumbled upon it today) highlights the unique challenges facing many women of color in the job market. Yolanda Spivey, a black woman, was having no luck on, despite having excellent credentials in her field. So she decided to create another account changing only the name to (beautifully/hilariously) "Bianca White" and her ethnicity (she listed Bianca as a white woman). She kept her original profile, which listed her ethnicity as a black woman up as well.

At the end of my little experiment, (which lasted a week), Bianca White had received nine phone calls—I received none. Bianca had received a total of seven emails, while I'd only received two, which again happen to have been the same emails Bianca received. Let me also point out that one of the emails that contacted Bianca for a job wanted her to relocate to a different state, all expenses paid, should she be willing to make that commitment. In the end, a total of twenty-four employers looked at Bianca's resume while only ten looked at mines.