Y’all. I got shared yesterday about home pregnancy tests.

ETA thanks for all the feedback yesterday!

Also... symptoms.. just cramping.?? Similar to pms cramps but different.. cause no period. I’m also like not sure about anything else, if I’m imagining it or not.


Also just gonna keep taking my celexa ... really would rather not go off, not looking forward to that convo with a doc tbh. The nurse (clinical nurse?) I see at the practice where my therapist also is, is suggesting not to. I dunno.




Those two were positive. Called the doctor and they had me come in for a blood test, well that was also positive too, so, bun is warming???

This is a good thing! We have been trying since September. I’m still not 100% convinced and still pretty nervous. I’m going back in for another blood test in two days to monitor levels, also because my cycle tends to be longer than most so the doctor said so they could “date the pregnancy”.

We’ll see ?

I needed to share and can’t really tell anyone IRL so, here I am :-)