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Anyone ever dine out alone?

I am, and have been for as long as I can remember, been a reader. I don't read obsessively but greatly enjoy immersing myself into the worlds of others. It allowed me to escape the world I lived in and as an unintentional result, I now speak, read and write at a fairly decent level in English. (tiny tangent, hold on to your hats)

I also greatly enjoy food. And although I'd get a passing grade as a cook, I am not near as creative or skilled as I'd like. That's why I like to go out. Ordering in is nice but most of the food I can order in my neck of the woods is not great, so going out is where the magic is! Yesterday I had an amazing breakfast and an equally awesome lunch, all created for me, together with the people I spent the day with (2 different people). But then.. I always end up having to wait until I have someone to go out to eat with..


Then I thought. Why though? I have books. I have a book with me at any time. I could enjoy it's company instead.

My short stint as a nearly single (as an experiment, I moved back in last night and I'll see if I see some real progress in a short time-span, while a possible room waits for me somewhere) made me think. I might not be 'together' again for a long time so why not enjoy what I enjoy when I want to?

Tonight is a friday, so all restaurants will be packed and it wouldn't be a nice night to sit somewhere and relax and eat. But on other nights. I could. Technically. If I have the money and time to spare.

I wondered, is there anyone here who ever does these types of things by themselves?

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