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Welcome To The Bitchery
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No pictures tonight because A) not pretty, and B) devoured too fast. But I'll tell you all about it! I'm proud of this one, since it was totally off the cuff. Then you can tell me all about yours :)

So, it was getting late, I had about a half-pound of hamburger, and pretty much no ideas. I dropped the hamburger in a bowl, minced up an onion, added a couple of eggs, a splash of Worcestershire, and about a half-cup of oatmeal flour (oats pulsed in blender until powdered). Not exciting, but ok. Still not really enough for 4, though (the only ones here for dinner). Added some ketchup, some garlic salt... what else can I throw in? Aha! I'll grate a raw potato, that'll pad it out. Ok, that's better, but still kind of... wet. Add in a couple handfuls of dried spinach. And, what the hell, grate the last, thumb-sized, piece of hard goat cheese. Mix the hell out of that and let it all sit for a few minutes.


So, got that far. Now what am I doing with it? Hmm... big iron skillet is clean and sitting out. Ok. Make small patties and fry in olive oil with some onions. Good, but plain meat patties are not dinner... aha! Finish frying them all, add some more oil, fry some garlic and more onions, and add a jar of spaghetti sauce. Simmer that for a few, then plop all the patties into the sauce and let them heat up.

Serve the patties and sauce in bowls, and listen to all 3 kids ask for more!

So, what's your dinner on this chilly Friday night?

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