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So, what was on then menu for your dinner tonight?

After seeing today's Google doodle, I've been craving Ramen, but knew I had to make a real meal from it so I didn't feel guilty for not eating some of the leftovers in my fridge, so I summoned every thing I had ever read on the internet.

I started with Oriental flavor instant ramen, when the water started boiling I added frozen peas and carrots, mushrooms, and thinly sliced beef. When the noodles started separating out, I made a little hole and added an egg to poach. I added the seasoning packet, plus some crushed red pepper, white pepper, and a dash of seasame oil. It is definitely the fanciest instant ramen I have ever made and is satisfying the cravings.


On a slightly similar note, I would just like to thank GT for introducing me to how good eggs can be. Eggs by themselves are still gross and boring, I won't start ordering fried eggs for breakfast at a restaurant. But poached eggs in ramen or shakshuka are amazing! I recently added a soft boiled egg to something too, and it was delicious.

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