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So I’ll admit tonight I just really wanted to share my deliciously weird meal. Though, I want to hear about yours too, for future ideas especially if even if it’s cake and wine.

I bought some peach jerk chicken sausage the other day. It’s okay, but not great, so I was looking for ideas of what to do with leftovers. While searching the internet, one idea that came up for sausage was haluski (basically cabbage and noodles) ....and my crazy cross-cultural idea was born!

I sauteed sweet onion, shredded cabbage, thinly sliced peach jerk chicken sausage in grapeseed oil until soft. Then, tossed in a little more shredded cabbage so there would be some crunch. I then added black pepper and “Jamaican” seasoning, stirred in some egg noodles, and a generous pat of butter and dug in.


I’m not sure it is something I’d make again, but it was fun to try making once. Now, does anybody have ideas for half a cabbage.....

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