I started my new job two weeks ago, and I like it so far. I had my first big test yesterday, and most people think my contribution went well.

But seriously, I just had one of the better meals I have ever had. I had:

Cuban Steak Sandwich. Holy shit, it was amazing. Mrs. Blalock had:


The Brunch Burger. Fried egg, bacon, dill mayo. Not bad at all, but my sandwich was better. We started drinking with:


(Opposite order) Duvel Single, Smutty Nose Spank, Pauwel Kwak, and Delirium Tremont. It was a good spread. I enjoyed the Kwak so much I ordered a pint. It arrived like this:


It is so good. If you like Belgian Amber Ales, holy cow, try this one. Special guest appearance by my elbow.

What’s everyone else up to tonight?