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Welcome To The Bitchery


Chicken cooked beautifully, crisp skin and juicy, well seasoned meat. The dumplings were also awesome. My human's best friend was duly impressed wiv me cookings.

Sweet Topato an Espinach dumpylings!
1 lb sweet topatos
1 lb babby espinach
1 head garlics
3 eggez
1 cup All Porpoise Flours
3/4 cup romano, grated


Roast the topatos an garlics at 350 wrapped in foil individually. Garlics for 1/2 hour, topatos for 45 min to an hour

Slip the fleshes out into a bowl an mash. Wilt de espinach. Wring out as much waters as you can, an chop roughly. Meex into topato mash. Add chiz an flours an eggez, meex thoroughly.


Take two spoons, an form de dough into quenelles, boil they in Very Salted Water until they floats. Can be served plain or wiv Sage Brown Butter sauce.

Spear a dumpling on each claw an nom!

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