Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery
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Dinner Thread

I will start. Tonight Mini Moxie put on a pot of rice before I got home. I couldn't decide what to make for a while, but finally settled on Curry flavored hummus and Tomato Chutney. It is delicious.

I used this recipe, but got bored half way through the hummus and just sort of went off on my own. I only had one pint of tomatoes, so I cut the recipe in half and then cut the vinegar in half again. (I'm a super taster of vinegar.) I started the hummus with finely diced onions cooking and then added the garlic and curry powder. I threw them in the processor with the garbanzo beans and whirled them a bit. I tasted and added more curry powder and salt and water. Whirled. Added more curry powder and salt and water. I think I forgot the tahini because I was excited about the curry.


It isn't very photogenic, but it is so good.

So what are you eating tonight GroupThink?

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