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I love hearing what everyone is eating. I’m a food geek, what can I say? I get a lot of ideas from youall!

I went to Aldi today (by myself!)* and picked up 2 packages of pork chops for $8 (score!) I greased the pan with bacon fat from last night, put the meat in, spread some ketchup over the top, sprinkled it with brown sugar, and topped with sweet onion rings. The pork chops come out soooo good this way.

While those were baking I made mashed potatoes (from potato flakes, which I know some people turn up their nose at, but it’s what I have and I like them), using dairy-free margarine and a bit of mayonnaise for creaminess. Warmed up 2 cans of beans, one green and one yellow, for veg.


The picture is kind of crappy (I haven’t quite got my new phone sorted out yet), so you can’t see the lovely colour of the pork chops, which makes me sad.

*I never go to the store or pretty much anywhere by myself. I’m a big baby about it, I know, but I much prefer to have someone with me. If I can stay in the car, It’s fine, but going in places, especially places with lots of people... *shudders* I hate it.

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