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Dinner thread!

So, boys and girls, what’s for dinner?

I made a proper meal today, and I’m quite pleased with myself. Salmon patties with creamy dill sauce, mashed potatoes, and carrot/broccoli/cauliflower veggie mix.

I experimented a little with the salmon patties... my usual version is just canned salmon, a couple eggs, some dried minced onion, and cornmeal. This time I added in some dill and black pepper and a grated carrot. I also fried them in peanut oil. The sauce was half mayo, half Tofutti sour cream, a bit of lemon juice, dried dill weed, and dried parsley.


The mashed potatoes were from potato flakes and the veggies were in a microwavable bag, so I can’t brag on those :D Although I have figured out how to make the mashed potatoes dairy free and still yummy (more salt than you’d think you need, extra water in place of milk, and a big spoonful of mayo.)

Tell GT-land about your dinner (or dinner plans, if you haven't got that far yet)!

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