Welcome To The Bitchery
Welcome To The Bitchery

I’m down 2 kids for the evening... BabySmacks is staying at a friend’s across the field, and LittleSmacks3 went with a friend to the friend’s dad’s house... and so, since those are the 2 that are gluten and dairy free, I went a little nuts. (Don’t laugh too loud...)

I went to the store and I got a giant frozen Stouffer’s lasagna with meat sauce and a big box of frozen Texas garlic toast. OMG. So good. So processed, so much sodium, SO GOOD.


I haven’t had either of those things in ages because I hate to make something the little guys can’t have, especially something that smells so good and that I don’t have an easy way to duplicate for their dietary restrictions. EldestSmacks and LittleSmacks2 were both hovering around the kitchen for the last half hour, since they were “starving, Mom, God!”. Those 2, I swear, are the textbook classic teenage boys. Endlessly hungry. They eat everything in sight, disappear to play video games for an hour, then back to digging around in the kitchen for more food. And there’s not an ounce of extra flesh on either of them.

Aaaaanyway. What’s for dinner, GT?

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