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I was inspired in the kitchen today. I was watching cooking shows last night, and felt like being creative! I made Spam and veggie fried rice. It was yummy. I also made a gf/df banana split bread (sorry, no pic. It was a struggle just to get the one up!)

For the fried rice: Carrots, onion, cabbage, garlic, mushrooms, and Spam, all fried in coconut oil, then tossed with leftover rice, soy sauce, ginger garlic sauce, and Thai sweet chili sauce. Even the pickiest one of my kids had a bowl without more than a token grumble about the mushrooms.


The bread was supposed to be a cake, but I goofed up something and it came out like chewy bread. I used pureed strawberries and bananas, oatmeal, quinoa flakes, gf flour, chocolate chunks... and I don’t know what else lol. I just dumped a bunch of stuff in the bowl and then spread it in a cake pan and baked it. It’s really good, but just not what I was going for!

So, GT, what’s for dinner?

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